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Aircraft Management

Corporate Air Center started as a small aircraft management business in 1997 with one airplane, and it is still the core of our business. We are proud to be in association with some of the premier companies in the Northwest. We believe that the high level of service in this segment of our company is what truly defines us. Even with the down turn in the economy, we have grown in this area, adding three new companies in the last two years. The reason: Integrity. Their success is our primary objective, and the use of aircraft has been key to that success.

To define the service we provide for our owners is simple:

“Corporate Air Center Is Your Companies Flight Department.”

Corporate Air Center has consistently shown our owners that we can provide a better service, at a better value then the industry standard. And that is our promise to you. We offer you a full “turn key” operation. Currently providing eleven (11) companies with Management Services utilizing and/or Pilot Services utilizing 12 aircraft ranging from Jets to Helicopters.

Corporate Air Center is able to provide this level of service to you for a few simple reasons. We are:

  • License Aircraft Broker
  • Full service Maintenance Facility
  • Full service FBO
  • FAA certified Avionics repair station
  • Highly experienced Flight and Maintenance Departments (over 380 years cumulative experience).
  • World Class hanger facilities
  • World Class Passenger Facilities

Let us help you with your flight and travel needs. Contact Tim at 360-757-7757