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15452 Airport Dr.
Burlington, WA 98233

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 07:00 – 19:00
Sat-Sun: 07:00 – 17:00
24/7 Callout Available

Our Team


Tim Lewis – Owner, President, Pilot
ATP MEL, Gulfstream, Challenger, Learjet, LR45, Citation 500/525S; Commercial SEL/SES/Helicopter

Ronaye Kos – Owner, Vice President

Lori Maulin – Customer Service Manager
(360) 757-7757

Cloy Laney – Customer Service

Britta Lang – Accounting

Roger Coon – Chief Pilot
ATP MEL, Gulfstream, Learjet, LR45, Citation 525S; Commercial SEL/SES/Helicopter; CFI/CFII, MEI, AGI

Rick Mowbray – Pilot
Commercial MEL, SEL, LR45(SIC), Gulfstream(SIC), PC-12

Phillip Bush – Pilot

Noah Hoiland – Pilot

Casey White – Pilot

Erik Eisenburg – Pilot


Nate Strachila – Pilot
Commercial MEL, SEL, Learjet, LR45(SIC), Gulfstream(SIC) Cessna 208, PC-12

Bo Corby – Pilot
ATP, Commercial SEL/SES, Flt Engineer Jet, LR45, A320, B272, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, BE-300, CE-650, DA-50, DC-3, DC-9, DC-10, CFI/CFII, MEI, DPE

Scott Bethke – Pilot
TP SEL/SES/MEL, Gulfstream, Challenger, Learjet, LR45, Citation 500/525S, Astra; Commercial MES/Helicopter; CFI/CFII, MEI


Jordan Freeman – Pilot
Commercial MEL, SEL, Learjet(SIC), LR45(SIC), PC-12

Kevin Ware – Pilot
ATP MEL, LR45, Citation 525S, Learjet(SIC), Gulfstream(SIC); Commercial SEL/SES/Helicopter; CFI/CFII, MEI, CFII Helicopter

Mike Freeman – Pilot
ATP MEL, Commercial SEL/SES, LR45, Citation 525, Citation 510, Boeing 727, 747, 757, 767, 767-400, MD11, L1011 Airbus A320, CFI/CFII, MEI


Gary Ehrheart – Director of Maintenance

Bob Becker – Assistant Director of Maintenance

Danny Monahan – A&P, IA Mechanic

Paul Shinn – A&P, IA Mechanic

Dawn Whitman – A&P, IA Mechanic

Brian Fitzgerald – A&P, IA Mechanic

Jeremiah Howard – A&P, IA Mechanic

Jim Price – A&P Mechanic

Mark Bunzel – A&P Mechanic

Matthew Hinman – A&P Mechanic

Shawn Hunt – A&P Mechanic

Amelia Olson – Mechanic

Richard Orskog – Avionics

John King – Avionics

Erica Russell – Avionics

Austin Sanford – Avionics / Website Designer

Greg Wheeler – Parts
(360) 757-7757

Derrill Gifford – Security

Ryan Joseph – Line Service

Kevin Williams – Line Service

Melecio Gallardo – Line Service

Nathanial Dickerson – Line Service

Patrick O’Brion – Line Service

Jed Williams – Line Service

Ava Melton – Line Service