FAA Medical Exams

Joey Swartz, MD

Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), HIMS

Joey Swartz AME FAA Medical Examiner Burlington WA Skagit Regional Airport Corporate Air Center

FAA Medical Exams in Burlington, WA

Joey Swartz is a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), and has been performing FAA medical exams since 1994. Dr. Swartz retired from the Navy after 28 years as a Naval Flight Surgeon, and currently flies for an airline as a First Officer. He maintains a great working relationship with the FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division.

Dr. Swartz is your advocate for acquiring your FAA Medical Certificate. FAA medical exams for all classes are provided. Complex medical cases and HIMS cases are handled.

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Come to your medical exam hydrated (a urine sample is collected for medical analysis), and bring your glasses if you wear them. 

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Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)

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